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       Online Reputation Management

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A unique book tell about which online reputation management services exist, how reputation management is executed in search engines.
The book also tells about how to determine the optimal “noise level” around large and small brands, what online reputation wars and invasion of media space are, what results in the field of reputation management should an online shop, a large brand, an Internet start-up or a natural person expect, and many other things.


  • Organize integrated online reputation management;

  • Track reviews about a company in search engines;

  • React to negativity and use positive reviews;

  • Increase marketing output, thus improving reputation;

  • Evaluate the competencies of SERM subcontractors.

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Andrey Prokhorov

Candidate of Philological Sciences, senior lecturer, head of education services’ marketing center.

«Authors provide practical recommendations about working with negativity. The Internet has stopped being a world of websites where regular users are merely information consumers. Today, the Internet is a world of posts or a social media world, and each of these worlds is built upon the activity of users themselves. “Online Reputation Management” would undoubtedly be useful to representatives of administrative structures and business environment, concerned with the issue of reputation, as well as to the regular users who would be able to see the world of social media in a different light – as a world of opportunities and a world of threats.»

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